We're always looking for great students to come work with us in PeDEL! If you're excited about figuring out how we can make systems that are focused on empowering end-users, please have a look at some of the possibilities listed below:

Prospective PhD Students

PhD students are enrolled in the University of Utah’s School of Computing, in either a computing or a computer science degree program. Students can choose a human-centered computing track or a classic computer science track, among others. Admitted students typically are guaranteed two semesters of funding by the school, with subsequent years funded by the lab faculty.

We encourage applications from students with degrees in computer science and related fields, but also from other areas, such as bioinformatics, math, physics, design, psychology, etc. Excellent written and verbal communication skills are crucial. If you are unsure whether you are qualified, please get in touch.

Admissions are handled by the School of Computing; the admission deadline is December 15. If you have any questions, please contact us before applying.